Lepidosperma gladiatum

Lepidosperma gladiatum, commonly known as the Coast Sword-Sedge, is a clumping perennial grass-like plant that is native to the southern regions of Australia. It has a unique architectural form with narrow, upright foliage that grows up to 1m tall, making it a great option for adding height and texture to landscaping designs. The plant produces delicate, feathery flower spikes in the summer months, adding a soft touch to its spiky foliage. Sword sedge is an adaptable plant that can tolerate a range of soil types and is drought and frost tolerant, making it a low maintenance addition to any garden.



Height: Up to 1 metre.

Width: Up to 1 metre.

Aspect: Prefers full sun to full shade.

Flowers: The plant produces brown spikelets on stems that grow above the foliage in late spring to early summer.

Uses: Sword sedge is commonly used in landscaping for its ornamental value. Its clumping habit makes it useful as a ground cover, and it can also be grown in pots. Sword sedge can tolerate some degree of drought, and is often used in water-wise gardens. It can also be used to help stabilize soil in erosion-prone areas. Additionally, the plant has cultural significance for Indigenous Australians, who use it for weaving and making baskets.


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