Dianella brevicaulis

Dianella brevicaulis is a popular choice for landscaping in Australian gardens. It is a hardy and attractive plant that is easy to care for and adds colour and texture to any garden. The plant has thin, strap-like leaves that are a blue-green color, and small, blue-purple flowers that bloom in spring and summer. The plant is tolerant of a range of soil types and can grow in full sun or partial shade. It can be used as a border plant, a ground cover, or in rock gardens. Its hardiness makes it a great choice for coastal gardens or areas with poor soil quality.



Height: 0.5-1 m

Width: 0.5-1 m

Aspect: Prefers full sun to part shade.

Flowers: Produces small, blue-purple flowers on spikes that emerge from the foliage in late winter to early spring, followed by blue berries in summer.

Uses: Dianella brevicaulis is commonly used in gardens as a border plant, accent plant or mass planting. It is also suitable for coastal gardens, rockeries and as a ground cover. The plant is drought-tolerant and low maintenance, making it ideal for xeriscaping. Additionally, Indigenous Australians have traditionally used Dianella brevicaulis for medicinal purposes.


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