Dianella tasmanica

Dianella tasmanica, also known as Tasman Flax Lily, is a versatile and hardy plant commonly used in landscaping. Its dark green leaves provide a perfect backdrop for its delicate blue and yellow flowers that bloom in the spring and summer. It is a low maintenance plant that requires minimal watering and can thrive in various soil types. This plant is perfect for mass plantings, borders, and groundcover. Its foliage also provides an attractive contrast to other plants in a garden, making it an excellent addition to any landscape design.



Height: Up to 1.5 meter.

Width: Up to 0.5-1 meter.

Aspect: Grows in a clumping habit.

Flowers: Produces small, blue to purple flowers with yellow stamens that bloom in spring and summer.

Uses: Dianella tasmanica is commonly used as a groundcover, and is suitable for use in gardens, landscapes, and as an accent plant. It is also used in erosion control, and can be grown in containers. The plant is drought-tolerant, and can grow in a range of soil types. Its blue-green leaves make it an attractive addition to gardens and landscapes. The plant is also used in traditional medicine to treat a range of ailments, including skin conditions and headaches.


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