Senecio serpens

Senecio serpens, also known as Dwarf Blue Chalksticks, is a succulent with trailing blue-gray stems and cylindrical leaves. The plant is native to South Africa and is popular in landscaping because of its striking color and texture. It is drought-tolerant and thrives in full sun to partial shade. Dwarf blue chalk sticks are commonly used as a ground cover or in rock gardens, where their trailing habit can create a cascading effect. They are also used in container gardens, where their unique color and texture can provide contrast to other plants. With minimal care requirements, Senecio serpens is an excellent choice for low-maintenance landscapes.



Height: 15-30cm.

Width: 30-60 cm.

Aspect: Prefers full sun to partial shade.

Flowers: Produces small, white or pale pink flowers in summer.

Uses: Blue Chalksticks is often grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and rockeries. It is drought tolerant and requires little maintenance, making it a popular choice for xeriscaping. It can also be grown in containers or as a ground cover. The plant’s striking blue-grey foliage adds texture and interest to any landscape design.


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