Pomaderris paniculosa

Pomaderris paniculosa is a small to medium-sized shrub that is native to Australia. It is a hardy and adaptable plant that can be grown in a variety of conditions, making it a popular choice for landscaping. The leaves of this shrub are a distinctive blue-grey color, and it produces clusters of small yellow flowers in the spring and summer. Pomaderris paniculosa is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal pruning and watering once established. It can be used as a hedging plant, as a specimen shrub, or in mixed borders with other Australian natives.



Height: 1.5-3 metres.

Width: 1-2 metres.

Aspect: Prefers full sun to part shade and well-drained soils.

Flowers: The flowers are small, yellowish-green, and appear in dense, branched clusters in spring and summer.

Uses: It is commonly used in landscaping and gardening as a screening or hedging plant due to its dense and bushy habit. Pomaderris paniculosa is valued for its attractive foliage and flowers.


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