Leucophyta brownii

Leucophyta brownii, also known as Cushion Bush, is a small, rounded shrub with silver-grey foliage that provides a stunning contrast in garden beds and borders. This hardy plant thrives in sunny, well-drained locations with low to moderate water requirements. It produces small yellow flowers in summer, which provide a delightful contrast against the silver-grey foliage. As a low-maintenance plant, Leucophyta brownii is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for an attractive, drought-tolerant, and easy-to-grow plant that adds beauty to any landscape. It also works well in rock gardens, coastal landscapes, and as a container plant.



Height: Up to 1 m

Width: Up to 1 m

Aspect: Prefers full sun to partial shade

Flowers: Produces insignificant small yellow flowers in summer

Uses: Ground-cover plant in coastal gardens, suitable for rock gardens, containers and mass planting. It tolerates salt spray, wind and drought and good as a low maintenance plant for landscaping.


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