Hibbertia sericea

Hibbertia sericea, also known as Silky Guinea Flower, is a small shrub native to Australia that is popular in landscaping. The plant grows up to 1 metre tall and produces yellow flowers throughout the year. It has small, oval-shaped leaves that are covered in fine silky hairs, giving it a soft appearance. This plant thrives in full sun to part shade, and can tolerate drought conditions once established. It is a hardy and low maintenance plant that is suitable for a range of garden styles including coastal, native gardens.



Height: Up to 1 m

Width: Up to 1 m

Aspect: It has a sprawling habit with long branches that may root at their tips, creating dense mats.

Flowers: Produces bright yellow flowers that are about 3 cm in diameter and appear from late winter to early summer.

Uses: Hibbertia sericea is often used as a groundcover, as it forms dense mats that can help stabilize soil and prevent erosion. It is also used in native garden designs for its bright yellow flowers and attractive foliage. Hibbertia sericea is used in traditional Indigenous Australians medicine to treat various ailments such as skin infections and respiratory conditions.


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