Helichrysum petiolare

Helichrysum petiolare, also known as Licorice Plant, is a popular evergreen perennial that is often used for groundcover or in hanging baskets. It has soft, grey-green leaves that are velvety to the touch and release a sweet licorice fragrance when brushed or crushed. This low-maintenance plant is drought tolerant and thrives in full sun to partial shade, making it a versatile addition to any garden or landscape. It produces small, yellow flowers in the summer, but is mostly grown for its attractive foliage. Its trailing habit makes it a great choice for cascading over walls or spilling out of containers.

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Height: 30-60 cm.

Width: Up to 2m.

Aspect: Prefers full sun to partial shade, can tolerate drought and heat and grows well in well-drained soils.

Flowers: Produces small yellow flowers in summer that are insignificant compared to its attractive silvery-grey foliage.

Uses: Helichrysum petiolare is commonly used as a ground cover, edging plant, or container plant. Its soft and furry leaves are an attractive feature, and they have a subtle licorice fragrance when crushed. The plant is also used in herbal medicine to treat colds, coughs, and other respiratory ailments.


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