Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Chrysocephalum apiculatum, commonly known as Yellow buttons or Common Everlasting, is a small perennial shrub with silvery-grey foliage and bright yellow, button-shaped flowers that bloom in spring and summer. It is native to Australia and adapts well to a wide range of soils and climates, making it a popular choice for landscaping. Yellow buttons are low maintenance, drought tolerant and attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies to the garden. They are suitable for mass plantings, borders, and rock gardens and can also be grown in pots or containers.



Height: 30-60 cm.

Width: 30-60 cm.

Aspect: Prefers full sun to part shade.

Flowers: Produces small yellow flowers that resemble buttons, which appear from spring to summer.

Uses: Chrysocephalum apiculatum is commonly used in gardens as a groundcover or edging plant, and is also suitable for rock gardens and pots. The plant is low maintenance and drought tolerant, making it ideal for xeriscaping. The yellow flowers are also popular for use in dried flower arrangements.


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