Allocasuarina verticillata

Allocasuarina verticillata, commonly known as Drooping sheoak, is a medium-sized tree that is native to Australia. It is a popular choice for landscaping due to its attractive appearance and low maintenance requirements. Drooping sheoak has needle-like foliage and produces small, woody cones that hang down from its branches, providing a unique and interesting visual element to any landscape. It is often used as a shade tree or as an ornamental feature in parks and gardens. Drooping sheoak is drought-tolerant and can thrive in a range of growing conditions, making it a resilient and low-maintenance plant.

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Height: Up to 15 m

Width: Up to 8 m

Aspect: Prefers full sun and well-draining soils, and is adapted to a range of soil types, including sandy and gravelly soils.

Flowers: Produces small, insignificant flowers that are not particularly showy. The flowers appear in late summer to early autumn.

Uses: Allocasuarina verticillata is an important tree species for soil conservation and land management in Australia. The tree is highly drought-tolerant and can help prevent soil erosion and salinization. Allocasuarina verticillata is an important source of food and habitat for native wildlife, including birds and insects. The wood of the tree is also used for furniture, flooring, and fence posts, and the foliage can be used for mulch and firewood. It is commonly used in ornamental landscaping due to its attractive foliage and weeping habit.

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