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Landscape design and maintenance services

We are pleased to announce that after many requests over the past couple of years, we can now offer comprehensive design, landscaping and maintenance services. We have a great team of qualified horticulturists and landscapers that can assist you to transform your residential or commercial property into beautiful outdoor spaces that are inspired by our southern Peninsula coastal landscape.

We offer a free on-site design consultation to  share with you our experience and ideas and listen to how you would like to utilise your outdoor spaces. 


One Response to "Landscape design and maintenance services"

  • Pamela Engelander
    October 27, 2018 - 11:31 am Reply

    Would love some advice as to what to plant, especially bird attracting bushes and trees plus prickly homes for blue wrens. Also love crows and Ravens. Want nice large bird baths not too expensive.
    Haven’t got a large garden but want to plant Aussie.
    We moved into 12 Rainbow Court, Rye last February.
    I think I may have left it a bit late now for summer.
    Have just had a load of beautiful mulch delivered from Rye tip.

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